Spark v2 – 6x SFP+ mezzanine expansion


  • Description: Programmable (FPGA based) open hardware platform for development of network elements such as bridges and interconnect testers.
  • Interfaces: 6x SFP+/SFP 10Gb/1 Gb Ethernet
  • Board and Mechanics design files (KiCad): github
    • Schematics: pdf
    • PCB layout: pdf
  • Storage (Bootloader/Software/FPGA Firmware): micro SD
  • Form factor: 1U (19 inch rack unit)
  • Enclosure: (can be purchased separately)
  • Hardware:
  • Software/Firmware: network-interconnect-tester-cores
  • Usecases:
    • Network Interconnect Tester (github)
    • GPS synchronized PTP grandmaster
    • Flow capable Network Bridge
Configuration with uBlox GPS module. Using “Click boards” to 96boards adapter card from Avnet. ESD Acrylic 1U box.

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96b0ards mezzanine card compatible with Ultra96 boards differential pair mapping with 96boards extension interface for additional mezzanine cards e.g. for logic level shifting between 1.8V and 3.3V, 6x SFP+ cages