• Components included in the kit:
    • 1x Board –LSI-GPSCLOCK4ULTRA96-V1-BRD1

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  • Description: u-blox lea-m8t based extension board for Ultra96 with 1PPS and 10MHz input signals. If you only need 1PPS and 10 MHz inputs and have external GPS disciplined oscillator check clockinput4ultra96
  • Interfaces:
    • 1x SMA input 50 0hm – active antenna
    • 1x SMA output 50 ohm – 1 PPS biased 3.3V
    • 1x SMA output 50 ohm – 10 MHz biased 3.3V
  • Board and Mechanics design files (KiCad): github
    • Schematics: pdf
    • PCB layout: pdf
  • Form factor: 96boards CE
  • Optional CR2450N battery for non-volatile storage of satellite information (not included)
  • Main board (not inlcuded): Ultra96 or alternative with 96Boards mezzanine interface
  • Quick Start Guide (