• Components included in the kit:
    • 1x Board –LSI-GNSSCLOCK496BOARDS-2.1

Available on backorder



  • Description: u-blox lea-m8t based extension board for Ultra96 or compatible master boards with 1PPS and 10MHz input signals. If you only need 1PPS and 10 MHz inputs and have external GPS disciplined oscillator check clockinput4ultra96
  • Interfaces:
    • 1x SMA input 50 0hm – active antenna
    • 1x SMA output 50 ohm – 1 PPS biased 3.3V
    • 1x SMA output 50 ohm – 10 MHz biased 3.3V
  • Board and Mechanics design files (KiCad): github
    • Schematics: pdf
    • PCB layout: pdf
  • Form factor: 96boards CE
  • Optional CR2450N battery for non-volatile storage of satellite information (not included)
  • Main board (not inlcuded): Ultra96 or alternative with 96Boards mezzanine interface
  • Quick Start Guide (
  • OSHWA UID: NO000006