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Spark v1

  • Description: Programmable (FPGA based) open hardware platform for development of network elements such as bridges and interconnect testers.
  • Interfaces: 6x SFP+/SFP 10Gb/1 Gb Ethernet
  • Board and Mechanics design files (KiCad): github
    • Schematics: pdf
    • PCB layout: pdf
  • Storage (Bootloader/Software/FPGA Firmware): micro SD
  • Form factor: 1U (19 inch rack unit)
  • Enclosure: ESD Acrylic
  • Buy: link
  • Hardware:


Released for Spark v.1 as node-locked license Programmable Logic and opensource management software distributed as micro SD card images.

Network Interconnect Tester

  • Processing system (PS) – Opensource management software
    • Distribution: Debian Buster
    • Management: NETCONF/YANG
    • YANG Modules:
      • ietf-interfaces (RFC8348)
      • ietf-traffic-generator, ietf-traffic-analyzer (draft)
    • YANG/NETCONF Toolchain: yuma123

Basic Version

  • Programmable Logic (PL) – Open HDL sources and bitstream for Ultra96 that can be synthesized from the published Vivado project and open source cores implementing basic subset of the functionality available in the Pro version
  • Repository: github

Pro version

  • Programmable Logic (PL) – Proprietary bitstream with node-locked license